Believed to be the biggest casino in Britain, Genting International Casino, attracting both novice gamblers and ‘high rollers’ from all over the world, has just opened at the new multi-million pound Resorts More »

Tempting Lady Luck

By John Howell My grandmother should have been in my seat. She would have at home with the low light over the semi-circle felt-covered table. She would have been watching the cards More »

How to Get Banned in Playing Blackjack

How does one get banned from playing blackjack in brick and mortar casinos? A slot aficionado from New Jersey was arrested at a Pennsylvania casino after he was caught cheating at the More »

Win Three Blackjack Progressive Jackpots at Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino is giving blackjack players the chance to win three progressive jackpots with its Ace King Suited side bet. The side bet costs £1 and you could win the Minor, Major More »

Shuffling Machines, Blacklists & Card Counting

Shuffling machines can be seen as the embodiment of the casinos’ fear of distinguished blackjack card counters. The history of shuffling machines Their effect on card counting Professionals’ opinion and advice How do More »

Going Bust: Gambling Movies That Don’t Understand Casinos

Gambling films are supposed to be about tension, excitement and exceptionally attractive people in expensive clothes. Very rarely are they intended to be manuals on how to play at a casino, and More »

Late surrender reduces house edge in blackjack

John Grochowski A shuffle through the Gaming mailbag: Q. I’ve been playing BJ for nearly 20 years. I have a casino in my area, Valley Forge Casino Resort, that offers splitting twice More »

Card rooms maintain SW London’s high rolling history

South west London has a rich history of gambling and card playing. Although the notion of card clubs has a distinctly dated feel, there are still plenty of licensed card rooms around More »

British games – Pontoon, the British Alteration

Most of us will have whiled away wet childhood afternoons with games of pontoon. In a caravan, at our grandparents’ house, or maybe even in the back of a car, we will More »

From Blackjack to Big Data – The Importance of Avoiding Cognitive Bias

One of the most entertaining speakers at yesterday’s CAO Summit was Jeff Ma, a group product manager at Twitter. Before joining Twitter, Ma was a successful blackjack player, and was the inspiration More »

Poker, Blackjack Require Similar Critical Thinking

Blackjack and poker are two casino card games that have a very human element to them, where the gambler or player can use advanced knowledge of the game to have a better More »

Is Online Gambling Considered an e-Sport?

Posted by Mo Qazalbash on October 20, 2015 in Tech · 0 Comment Blackjack’s sporting future With the upcoming Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament taking place on 15 November, it looks poised to elevate the game’s profile on an More »

Let’s gear new casino games toward millennials

Earlier today, a colleague sent me a link to an article on The Motley Fool, written by Jeff Hwang, entitled The Millennial Problem: Why We (Don’t) Gamble. One of the questions asked More »

Whether Pope or Player, Know Best Time to Double Down

By Mark Gruetze Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, 9:00 p.m. Pope Francis, President Obama and Donald Trump are masters of the double-down, at least according to media reports. Writing about the visit to America by More »

Why I Switched From Blackjack To Texas Hold Em Poker

The only games I like to play are games where I can win and keep winning and then win some more. Sometimes it’s impossible to win because the math just doesn’t work — More »

Why has this Northampton casino changes its blackjack into pinkjack?

A Northampton casino is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by ‘Going Pink’ for October, with a range of themed events and offers to raise money for worthy causes. Aspers Casino’s popular Blackjack More »

Casino Answer Man: Advice on blackjack strategy

By JOHN GROCHOWSKI, At The Shore Q. A friend of a friend said he used to just hit 11 when the dealer showed an ace, and now he doubles down almost all More »

All the table games in the casino are not created equal

Last week’s column touched on the notion of gambling without even so much as the basic knowledge of what the player is wagering on. Sad to say, we have all watched this More »

Casino Scene: At Blackjack, there’s nothing sweet about 16

January 30, 2014 6:36 pm  •  John G. Brokopp There probably isn’t a blackjack player around who looks forward to being dealt a 16. It’s a hand that is so uneasy to stand and More »

The Mathematics of Blackjack and Card Counting

Many people are aware that the most successful gamblers are often good mathematicians. Blackjack in particular has drawn lots of attention due to the mathematical aspects of the game. By far the most common blackjack More »

Beware of single-deck blackjack games that pay only 6:5

QUESTION: It truly amazes me how many players I saw this past weekend playing on a single-deck blackjack game that offered 6:5 for a blackjack instead of the customary 3:2. The $10 More »

Blackjack has many variations, it makes a difference

I doubt there is another table game out there that has as many variations as blackjack. It is played with anywhere from 1 to 8 decks. Blackjack might pay 3-to-2 or 6-to-5. More »

Beefing up basic strategy at blackjack

It is crucial for basic strategy blackjack players to ascend to the next plateau if they are committed to being as successful as possible. The next plateau is keeping mental track of More »

Distractions can impact your game of blackjack or video poker

Distractions are an easy way to get you out of your comfort zone and make you a bad gambler. I have a short attention span and I’m easily distracted. It doesn’t help More »

Pilarski on gaming: ‘Never’ is wise when the question is splitting fives

QUESTION: I got into disagreement with a player on a blackjack game over splitting 5s when the dealer was showing a six. Granted, I am no expert, but I told him he should More »

It’s better to get paid more so 3:2 blackjack rules

The frugal gambler will tell you that 3:2 blackjack rules and 6:5 blackjack drools. They’re right. It’s better to get paid more. It doesn’t take a smart person to know that. Hey, More »

Casino Answer Man: Advice on Blackjack odds

A shuffle through the Gaming mailbag: Q. You’ve often advised blackjack players not to play if blackjacks pay 6-5 instead of 3-2. My question is, just how bad does that make the More »

Blackjack odds say hit 16 against a dealer showing 7

Last week, I described how all casino game strategy is based on expected values. You hit or stick in blackjack not because you hope the next card is of a certain value, More »

Multiple-deck blackjack games give house a greater edge

QUESTION: I favor the joints out west where I can still find a hand-pitched game of blackjack. Even with an occasional “card down” or “one hand on the cards, please,” I prefer More »

Blackjack strategy can be a numbers game

It’s a fact that the 10s, faces and aces are the most powerful cards for blackjack players. Knowing when there are an abundance of them during the middle game of a 6-deck More »


Less daunting than a physical casino, an online casino can be a great way to get playing. Real casinos can often be very intimidating, especially when you are new to both a casino itself and the games that are played.

Given the choice, many gamblers will often venture to the slot machines or ‘one-arm bandits’ (there’s a reason for this name!) because the slots are easier to use, you don’t have to deal with a croupier, and you don’t need to understand any complex game rules.

Although massive jackpots are advertised, these games provide a far slimmer chance of winning when compared to table games such as Blackjack or Poker. General research indicates that the chances of winning back your bet on a slot machine are 1 in 64 while hitting the jackpot could be as high as 1 in 262,144! Roulette increases the chances of getting your money back to 1 in 38, and Blackjack can be just slightly less than 1 in 2.

It’s clear that your best chances at making your money back – plus more – are on the Tables. However, it’s still very important that you learn the rules as well as how these games work. This Website will help you do that.

We can broadly categorise casino games into two areas. Firstly, games of chance – things like slots and bingo – and secondly games of skill. It’s these games of skill – specifically Blackjack – that we will be focusing on.