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New blackjack game for iPhone (iPad)

Playing blackjack has never been more fun!

“Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded” an iPhone (iPad) blackjack game/simulator designed for every blackjack lover, from the casual one to the professionals. Feel the thrill of playing against the casino or other players in the unique online challenge.

Zagreb, Croatia – August 01, 2013 – Engage in a battle against the dealer in this simulation of the classic blackjack casino card game.

Special attention was paid to the user interface giving the cards a decent size, customizable input methods (buttons or gestures), usage of sensors to make the playing experience even more comfortable.

Ever wanted to compare your skill level against other players ? Now you can with the unique “Online challenge”!

Get your blackjack ELO rating and try to climb the “Challenge leaderboard”.

Main features of “Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded”

  • great graphics, animations and sounds with clean and friendly user interface
  • highly customizable (game rules, user interface, graphics, sound, speech…)
  • custom casino editor with all well-known as well as many lesser-known rules (38 parameters! hole card, surrender, dealer peek, penetration,   number of decks, continuous shuffling machine, doubledown rules…)
  • an unique online challenge competition with ELO leaderboard!
  • Double Attack variant of the game
  • three sidebets (Lucky Ladies, Super Seven, Blackjack)
  • play in one of the six predefined casinos or any of the self-created ones
  • basic strategy tutor while playing (before or after making a move), surrendering tutor
  • basic strategy table for each game
  • 15 counting systems, display of true and/or running count
  • game statistics
  • three leaderboards and 52 achievements
  • customizable dealer (voice, deal speed …)
  • customizable input method (buttons or gestures)
  • usage of Accelerometer Sensor and Vibrator
  • 11 back card patterns and eight table colors to choose from
  • true random number generator (generated via atmospheric noise!)

…and more features and enhancements to come!

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