Basic Strategy Chart

The Blackjack Strategy Starter Kit provides seven points to help guide you during gameplay. However while the scenarios are a good starting guide, they are very basic in nature. In a game of Blackjack there are 340 hands that can be dealt and this chart will assist you in working through those by providing you with decision points based on both your hand and the dealers visible card.

It should be noted that the chart only contains 280 hands because the obvious ones have not been included. For instance you would never double down on a hand of 8 and would therefore never do so on a hand of less than 8. You would also stand on a hand of 17 and therefore on a higher hand.

In order to use the chart, identify your hand by matching it down the first column, then locate the dealers card across the top. The intersection of these two lines will give you your decision point which will be one of the following;

  • DD – double down
  • S – stand
  • H – hit
  • P – split
  • H/P – split if allowed to and then double afterwards, otherwise hit
  • H/R – surrender if allowed, otherwise hit

Please feel free to print the chart below to use at your convenience.

Blackjack Strategy Chart