Choosing Your Table Game

An earlier article distinguished between games of chance and games of skill, highlighting games of skill as our focus area. Games of skill can again be broadly categorised into two key areas. Firstly games – such as Blackjack – where the player plays against the Dealer or Casino, and secondly games – such as Poker – where the player plays against other players.

There are a number of factors such as skill, risk, reward, aptitude, and experience which might determine which casino game a person prefers playing and this is evident by the millions that play both Blackjack and Poker.

However, for two key reasons we feel that Blackjack is the preferable of the two. Firstly, it provides the best odds against the casino and secondly, it’s easier to play than Poker and other casino games.

Although the rules are more straightforward than Poker and it comes with less variations, it can still be played very strategically. It’s important to understand the nuances of the game and how the casino gains a slight edge even when you might consider it to be an even-odds game.

Let’s start off slowly and cover some of the game basics before we get into more advanced areas of the game.