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Less daunting than a physical casino, an online casino can be a great way to get playing. Real casinos can often be very intimidating, especially when you are new to both a casino itself and the games that are played.

Given the choice, many gamblers will often venture to the slot machines or ‘one-arm bandits’ (there’s a reason for this name!) because the slots are easier to use, you don’t have to deal with a croupier, and you don’t need to understand any complex game rules.

Although massive jackpots are advertised, these games provide a far slimmer chance of winning when compared to table games such as Blackjack or Poker. General research indicates that the chances of winning back your bet on a slot machine are 1 in 64 while hitting the jackpot could be as high as 1 in 262,144! Roulette increases the chances of getting your money back to 1 in 38, and Blackjack can be just slightly less than 1 in 2.

It’s clear that your best chances at making your money back – plus more – are on the Tables. However, it’s still very important that you learn the rules as well as how these games work. This Website will help you do that.

We can broadly categorise casino games into two areas. Firstly, games of chance – things like slots and bingo – and secondly games of skill. It’s these games of skill – specifically Blackjack – that we will be focusing on.