Warning Signs

While there is a lot of bitching and moaning online about casinos and it may be difficult to wade through the sheer volume of information, there are a few things that you can look out for that will help you avoid getting ripped off.

Difficulty in withdrawing your winnings – yes, this is a process that requires you sending information such as ID, utility bills, etc., to the casino but in casinos that operate above board this should only take a couple of days. If you come across complaints regarding delays, lost documentation (a well-known stalling tactic) and any unwillingness to pay*.

Glitches in the software. Nothing is infallible and if you’ve played enough online you will have experienced one or two glitches, the need for a restart or reinstallation. However, this should be the exception and not the norm. If software issues are being experienced by different players on a regular basis and the casino is making excuses, don’t give them your money. Rather play it safe.

Complaints about customer service – at some point you will have contact with the customer service department and if they are rude, unknowledgeable or unwilling to help, then stay away.


What’s next?

You have chosen your casino (or casinos) and are getting ready to play. The question now is: what is a welcome bonus and should I use it? We will be discussing welcome bonuses, match bonuses and the infamous terms and conditions in our next set of articles.


* In some instances there may be terms and conditions attached to the withdrawal of winnings. If these terms and conditions have been clearly communicated to gamblers (and ignored) then the casino is well within its rights to deny payment. More on this in further articles regarding bonuses.