How to Get Banned in Playing Blackjack

How does one get banned from playing blackjack in brick and mortar casinos? A slot aficionado from New Jersey was arrested at a Pennsylvania casino after he was caught cheating at the blackjack table of the casino.

How to Get Banned in Playing BlackjackMr. Christopher Jenkins violated Sands Bethlehem casino’s rules and laws by trying to change his bet after the initial card was dealt – twice! Under Pennsylvania law, reducing or attempting to reduce a losing wager through any means is unlawful.

A week ago, a former West Virginian lawmaker, Doug Skaff pleaded no-contest to the charge of cheating at gambling at the Greenbrier Resort casino. He was caught (on camera) changing his bets based on the status of his hands. Clearly, cheating in blackjack is a strong ground for casinos to ban players.

A year back the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White, was banned from the Las Vegas Palms after accumulating a total of $2M at the blackjack tables. The reason? He was winning too much! Was he cheating? No, he was just having a long, lucky streak in playing blackjack. This was the second notification White received from the casino. The week before his ban, the management of Palms Casino reduced his hand from $25,000 down to $5,000 per hand. Despite the limit, the casino continued to lose money from White.

Ben Affleck was also banned by Hard Rock Casino for being great in playing blackjack! The casino admitted that they were losing money to the actor. Affleck did star as a wiz gambler in bunch of Hollywood movies and that perhaps the management of Hard Rock has been watching these movies. Or it could be that Affleck is indeed a true blackjack pro! If it’s any consolation, Affleck is allowed to play other games in the said casino.

So, there are two proven ways to get banned for playing: cheating and winning big.  Banning cheaters is understandable but banning consistent big time winners? If casinos continue banning winning players wouldn’t it present of them as sore losers?

Playing online blackjack is better then. No one gets banned for being consistently lucky and no one gets banned for cheating as there’s no way one can cheat in online blackjack anyway.

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