Poker, Blackjack Require Similar Critical Thinking

Blackjack and poker are two casino card games that have a very human element to them, where the gambler or player can use advanced knowledge of the game to have a better shot at winning or at least breaking even.

Assuming you aren’t card counting but you’re playing perfectly, the house will have a slight edge against you in blackjack before the cards are dealt—roughly one percent. In Texas hold’em, where a player is battling it out on the felt against their peers, the odds of winning a single hand can obviously vary greatly (it’s possible to be drawing dead on the flop). Over a greater sample size, skill plays an increasingly bigger role in poker.

Both games require some foundational knowledge before learning more advanced plays. Charts are helpful for beginners of both games. In blackjack, a chart would help you decide what to do after you get your two initial cards and you see the dealer’s initial card. In poker, a chart can help you decide which hands you should elect to play preflop, which is especially important in poker because you can fold for free preflop in all but two positions on the table. Some casinos do allow surrendering in blackjack, which is a similar strategy to try avoid further losses with a bad holding.

Many online casinos that have online blackjack also offer peer-to-peer poker, for some of these reasons. The demographics for the games are similar because each hand is not all a matter of luck. There are too many online rooms that offer both and one needs to investigate before singing [sic] up with one, OCI is a leading source of online information regarding online casino rooms.

Information about the revenue generated from each of the games in cyberspace isn’t publicly available, but if the brick-and-mortar casino industry in Nevada is any indicator, the market for blackjack is about nine times as large as poker’s. The former is a quicker game.

Over the past year in Nevada, casinos have won roughly $1.07 billion from blackjack, compared to roughly $118 million from poker.

Blackjack is the most popular table game in the Silver State behind baccarat.

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