Five Blackjack Myths

Myth #1: Bad players at the table will ruin your chances.

Blackjack differs from games such as poker in the sense that you are only playing against the dealer and not against any of the other players. This means that the choices any other player at the table makes, affects only their chances and not yours.

Many self-styled Blackjack ‘experts’ still tend to believe this myth and often get annoyed with the player sitting in the last position. They think that this player should play their hand with the good of the other players in mind. More about this in Myth #2.


Myth #2: Never sit in the last position at a Blackjack table.

A popular misconception is that the player sitting in the last position at the table should play their hand based on what is good for the table as a whole. For example if the dealer has an Ace, the next card being a 10 would be catastrophic for all the players and the misconception is that the last player should draw a card if it is thought to be a 10, regardless of their hand. This would bust the last player and stop the dealer from getting Blackjack.

This is utter rubbish and regardless of the position you sit in, you should always seek to beat the dealer and not worry what the other players are doing or thinking.


Myth #3: Always assume the dealer’s hidden card is a 10

This probably came about as a ‘play it safe’ tactic, but really is poor card play. The reality is that only about 30% of the card deck is made up of 10s and the chances are therefore greater that the dealer will not draw a 10. This will be a costly tactic and should be avoided by employing a more robust strategy.


Myth #4: Card counting is illegal

Sounds like a scene from a Hollywood but in reality card counting is legal in both the US and UK – provided of course it is done mentally and the player is not assisted by any device or other person. Of course casinos do not like it and may ask a player to leave should they suspect that card counting is going on.


Myth #5: Odd’s dictate it’s my turn to win

This is a common mistake made my many players playing many different games. Any hand is not determined by the outcome of the previous hands. In the same way that a Roulette spin is not determined by the outcome of any of the previous spins. From a statistical point of view, the odds may even out over a long period but this means that you’ll break even at best but never win. Your best chances are to apply a careful strategy that considers each Blackjack hand on it’s own merits.